Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about elowe and how I can help support and grow your consuting business with my FAQ. 

How much does it cost to have Elizabeth at my beck and call?

Check out my pricing page for pricing information on specific packages.

What is the difference between what you offer and a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistants are great, but often times don't have the real world experience that I do. I am able to meet your needs in administrative tasks, marketing, finance and accounting, and sales. If you have a task that I am not familiar with or need to learn, I jump in feet first, ready to help you out. I understand what the struggles are specific to operating a consulting business, and am able to better understand your needs. A virtual assistant can be a great help, but often times requires clients to bring in professionals to do marketing, finance, accounting, and sales tasks. I've got you covered on all of that to save you time and money!

Once I choose my desired package, am I required to sign a long-term contract?

I understand that as a consultant, you may have your busy seasons and your low seasons. I do not require yearly contracts, but do ask new clients to agree to an initial 3 month contract to make sure I get to know you and your needs. After the completion of that 3 month contract, my packages switch to a month-to-month basis, as long as you give a 3 week notice that you will no longer be needing my services. With that being said, I do recommend that if you use my services you plan to use me year round, as it helps you to stay off of the highs and lows as a consultant of chasing clients, working jobs, and then having to start over chasing clients because you were too busy on a job. I think after a few months working with me, you will quickly agree.

What happens if my package allows me 40 hours per month, and I went a bit over?

I use my package guidelines as just that, guidelines. I understand that some months you may have a few more things on your plate that you need to pass over, and that's ok! My packages include hours just so that I am able to understand the workload you plan on passing along. I do not knit-pick and hit you with fees if you go over your designated hours. If I start to notice that my hours for you are significantly over month after month, I may reach out to see if we can work out another plan to ensure that your needs are being met. The same goes if I am a bit under in a given month. I do not "carry-over" unused hours month-to-month, but again, if I notice that you purchased a 40 hour per month plan, and your I'm only working 30 hours per month, I will reach out to see if we can move some more work off of your desk onto mine or reduce your plan to save you from wasting your dollars!

What hours do you work? 

As I do work virtually my hours depend on what your needs are. If you do work specific hours and need me on a given schedule, please let me know at sign-up and I will make sure that that need is met. Many of my clients don't necessarily require a specific time, they just ask that they I am easy to reach and available to do a last minute task if something comes up or may have a task that needs to be completed daily, but not necessarily at a certain time. 

How do you accept payment?

All payments go through my LLC, and can be made via a bank transfer or snail-mailing a check. 


When is payment due?

If you are a new client, I do ask that you pay half of your first monthly payment by the start date of our partnership, and the remaining half the 3rd week of the first month. After that initial month, I will assign you your monthly "due date" for payment (which usually lands about the 3rd week of your monthly cycle). 

I was interested in hiring Elizabeth at the Gold level, but was told that I could only get a Silver package at this time. Why?

In order to offer my clients the best service possible, I am very careful to not overfill my desk. I experience very happy clients, and rarely see turnover, so I may not have availability to accommodate the hours you requested in a specific package. If you didn't get the package you desired but are willing to stay on a waiting list, let me know and I can contact you as soon as I have the time to work alongside you. The best way to know if I currently have availability is to check out my pricing page.